Flight up to grab dinner in Asheville and a bottle if wine

Received a phone call from Randy asking if I had interest in a $100 hamburger. A short 2 hours later, we were airborne up to Asheville from PDK. The weather was crisp, the plane had a great climb rate, and we arrived in around 55 minutes which is normally a 3 hour drive.

A wonderful day to support today’s New Year Revalation – Share spontaneity.

If you look just to the right of the main prop blade showing, that is Biltmore Mansion.



Landmark has officially moved in Asheville.  Note – security fee for even 3 hours is $30.




The glow over Atlanta as we were flying home at 6500 feet.




The glow to the right of the mountains 15 minutes after leaving Asheville.




Our flight aware for the journey up – http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N5354K/history/20140112/1926Z/KPDK/KAVL



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