2014: New Year’s Revelations (Yes, you read that correctly)

According to good ole urbandictionary.com , New Year’s Revelation is defined as:

New Years Revelation - 1

New Years Revelation - 2


While those definitions may be amusing, I do believe they highlight how resolutions ultimately fail. In reflecting back in 2012, my resolution was – ” Resolution – 2012 – Keep It Simple – Remove the Noise ” . I was able to tackle the distractions in life to be more productive, less attached to social media, and more attuned to my surroundings.

You may wonder, why am I say Revelation versus Resolution. Last week I began to write down one thing I would to differently and make an concerted effort. While passing Nordstroms, their window display said “New Year’s Revelation”.

Revelation Definition


In looking at 2014, I am augmenting my goal of daily to elect one thing each week and commit. This will not be “lose five pounds” but my first one somewhat resembled that. I gave thought to what I was truly trying to accomplish, what can I do to “Be”.

In watching a TedTalk at work a few months ago, a courageous stroke victim spoke about her experience and how her mantra in life was simply “Be”. That can encompass a multitude of things, but my focus in 2014 will focus on “Be”.

My first three of this year were:

January 8, 2014 – “Today I will… try, try, try harder… Junk food negates gym time…”

Affirmation 1/8/14


January 9, 2014 – “Today I will be seeking new music artists to expand my mind”. More to come on that one!

Affirmation 1/9/14


January 10, 2014 – ” Today I will be proactive on my personal time this weekend”

Affirmation 1/10/14


January 11, 2013 – “Assist someone in seeing beyond the reflection in the mirror”

January 12, 2013 – “Share Spontaneity” – See Blog Post: Flight up to grab dinner in Asheville and a bottle if wine 

My reference to Revelation is not meant to offend or reference anything religious but merely to allow these items that should be more at the forefront of my mind to play a more active role.

For anyone interested in the TedTalk I made reference to, please see the video below – Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight


Look forward to more updates this year along with some cool Vision Board thoughts underway!


  • I love this! Hope you’re able to continue with your New Year resolutions!

    • Thanks ! Trying !! Even if I don’t post about it, working on making a difference everyday .

  • Oops… New Year revelations!

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