Friday night Netflix: Bridegroom, previously debuted at Tribeca Film Festival

Watched Bridegroom on Netflix (streaming = free) this evening after hearing a bit about it from colleagues and remember the youtube video that started it. Bill Clinton introduced Bridegroom at the Tribeca Film Festival.

This is really — on one level — a wonderful, sad, heartbreaking yet exhilarating and life affirming story, and on another level it’s a story about our nation’s struggle to make one more step in forming a more perfect union, for which marriage is both the symbol and substance,” Clinton told the crowd. “I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Unfortunate how helpless two people in love can be, others take it for granted, and a memorial in the house of God erased his life from the moment he left Knox, Indiana.

Captured Quotes –

“That’s right, Romeo and Romeo and get over it” – Grandma Pat

“Who fights against love?”

“This is not the monument to your son, he was the monument to you”

Shane’s youtube video that was posted on 06-May-2012  which was at the onset is below.

Thanks to – @rlwood1 for watching the movie with me, across #twitter .