Plane Watching at #DTW “Do they talk to each other?”

Returning from the Auto Show in Detroit, we experienced two mechanicals on Delta. We took advantage of our Sky Club membership, used the wifi and plane watched. Detroit has a myriad of equipment type, from the B744->A333->MD88->MD90->B777, but alas my favorite, the 757-200 and 757-300.

This particular night of a three hour delay, I began to ask the juvenile questions that I have for sometime while plane watching. @NickUK can attest to my fascination for 30 minutes staring aimlessly at the aircraft passing by.

Below is me looking out of the Sky Club viewing a 753 that had pushed back with a 752 behind it.

Plane Watching - DTW - 27-Jan-2014

My question to Nick “Do you think they talk to each other?”…. Did I seriously ask that question, indeed! When I see the longer 753, I figured the 752 could chat it up.

Of course they can’t talk to one another but it will never stop me from arriving at the airport (KOA, ORD, ATL) for a very early morning flight and wishing the fleet a “Good Morning“. There is something magical about seeing the majority of an airlines fleet awaiting the day to commence. Nor when staying at a hotel overlooking the airport will I wonder where a parked plane for the night will journey to next.

“Every opportunity in my life begins with a “Take Off” “



  • Of course they talk to each other!! 🙂 Still one of my absolute favorite pictures…you were a kid in a candy store!

    • Hard not to be when the marvel of something so heavy and mechanical takes flight. The mere thought if how it happens is amazing only to be combined with the different body styles and magnitude if some ( 777 757 744 )

  • Modern air travel is pretty incredible when you think about it.

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