A Journey to define The Human Element (THE)

A month ago someone asked me, in 5 years, what will your brand be. Not an MBA question nor where will you be working, what will YOUR brand be.

This thought provoking question left me also slightly unnerved. What would my brand be? In 5 years, what would my life have shaped up into?

For several years I have engaged in lengthy conversations on The Human Element (THE). This is not our evolution to the automation of processes to reduce human error or our impact to global warming but an innate connection that draws mankind closer.

The people you engage with everyday, or once in your life. Taking that connection beyond an electronic device, celebrating the good times and forgetting the bad ones. The Human Element expands beyond person to person interactions but expands also to engaging with companies that one feels so passionately for, a true advocate due to a demonstrated yet individualist feeling of a personal connection. As society has evolved, this element is often missing.

Google Defines Human Element:

Definition of Human

Definition of Element

How I break it down, characteristics essential for human beings.

I will continue to expound on this topic, seek examples, it may be random seldom updates,  it may have no readers but I open this journey to anyone.

**Photo: Sunset over the harbor and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, February 2015

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