Meet my new friend, ThreeMonthFurlough.

The three months of working remotely due to Covid-19 created an everyday challenging of recollecting the current day of the week. Today, June 8th is clearly a Monday, yet one unlike any I have ever experienced.

Welcoming summer vacation 2020. Today my company implemented a global furlough program that means that many of our employees – including myself – will be furloughed until early September. The company has been incredibly compassionate, waiting as long as possible to announce the furloughs. I am grateful to work for such a great company, and I look forward to returning in September.

The two and a half weeks from the date it was globally announced, time hit warp speed. A long time friend and colleague casually suggested, you should purchase and share some insights. The construct of our society, approach to work-life “balance,” and constraints we place on our own light hampering our potential in the type of footprint we leave behind.

Today is the first time since 1996. I awoke without work commitments for the week before me. The same friend described my scenarios as; “You’re running 100mph for 10 years, and thrown before you.” and “The hard part is that we define ourselves so much by work, but that’s wrong.”

I’d like to be the first to introduce you to, a subset of posts from TheHumanElement.Life capturing a completely undefined personal journey this summer. I hope you enjoy the ride, life is too damn short.

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