Throwing it back to Snail Mail, Post Crossing

Concluded a great Peloton ride this morning, while catching up on email, I stumbled upon two articles from the New York Times that drove me back to my site.


This year indeed has brought forth ebbs and flows, or waves. From being promoted last fall, annual incentive paid two days before the office closed in March, entered a city lockdown, hiding away in quarantine, and now the ultimate lull summer vacation (aka furlough). 

I’ve always been an advocate for handwritten notes, cards, and good ole snail mail. I own 100’s of items that I could mail on a dime; greeting cards, custom stationery, postcards, indeed never a shortage of things I could send. In reading the NYT article, the comments highlighted a website I had not heard of. enables individuals around the world to connect via postcards. It brought back a feeling of nostalgia for pen pals I had through schooling. 

How does Post Crossing work?  

Giving it a shot! 

Here are my first five outbound postcards 

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Russian Federation

In a time of social distancing and working through the waves of feelings, very cool to stumble upon a new way of connecting with the world. 


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