7 Days Since Jet Drag, A Blank Stare #JetDrag

It have reached a solid  brain block in deciphering what and when to compose next. All too often a very familiar trait I have learned of myself is that something which should be simple my mind sees it as quite the opposite.  Overthinking, perhaps something with photos, screenshots, outputs, what else more?

  1. Do I need to write a longer post to appease people and keep them interested?
  2. Can I post an update about #theHumanElement out of sequence to the other happenings in my life?

What I capture on the text of the screen isn’t an avenue focused on appeasing others, rather then self growth and understanding of humanity. If those pixels on your screen mean no value that is an perfectly acceptable. Posts can flow freely, out of sequence is acceptable as that is our stream of conscious. It’s better to share thoughts then holding on to them for an opportune time that will never present itself.

Wanting to expound upon it more, but the slight exhausting of the 9.5 flight home from a weekend trip has caught up on me.

In Summary,  a blank stare visualizing my tapestry of life, my canvas, threads starting to weave in. Not only explore your mind, but challenge yourself how to do it. Seek that deep question on self connection and without a doubt it will be there. Most likely, it has always been there if we just search. Update on #Postcards4Parker soon!

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Good Night,


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