Deep breath, now exhale… You are ALIVE!

Gearing myself up mentally for a long day before me tomorrow starting early and non stop meetings. I took a pause last night reflecting on my #TuesdayTakeaway Challenge – Can’t Sleep? Maybe you are NOT living #TuesdayTakeaway

Challenge: When you crawl into bed tonight take a moment to give thanks for air in your lungs.  Give thought to one thing you will do tomorrow to celebrate being alive. After all, each day when you wake up is a good day.

I crawled into bed last night hearing the heavy exhales of Jasmine the wonder beagle asleep on the floor next to me. Karen’s killer pup, Tink in the bed with me. I gave thought to what would I do tomorrow to celebrate being alive.

2015-05-13 22.05.09-1 - Jasmine
Jasmine the Killer Beagle catching some zzz’s…

How I tackled my Tuesday Takeaway challenge. I departed the office at 12:30 for a walk through the Ravinia Gardens and Dunwoody keeping true to my FitBit challenge of 10,000 steps per day. I spent 45 minutes without music,  a phone and  conversation. Simply being outside enjoying the sun and the refreshing shade along the walk. I returned to the air-conditioned office which felt good out from the 85? weather.

Magnolias are starting to bloom allowing me to capture the above photo while out walking.  Today I give thanks for the air in my lungs and the beauty of nature around me.

Good Night,


PS: Hitting 14,000 steps was also a nice reward.


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