Video|Did you own any of these? Top 10 Ridiculous Infomercials #FeelGoodFriday

Happy Friday from Atlanta!

What a great week it has been, the Pulling for Parker banner continues to fill up with words of encouragement!

In preparation for the weekend I wanted to share with you a #FeelGoodFriday . A few years ago we had a Top 10 list which one week was Top Infomercials. We filled up the dry erase board and had many moments of laughter.  Later that year we portrayed some team takeaways as an Infomercial (But wait, there is more!)…  with a clip like this to kick it off. The Hula chair we could act out on command.

Ask yourself… 

  • How many of these clips have you seen?
  • Did you buy any?
  • What’s your favorite?

Enjoy a classic Friday Funny!


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