An unsung hero, daughter battling cancer, will you dance? #Pause

Often times I find solace in the flicker of candlelight. I lit my hurricane lamp trying to fight back tears, bewildered on the pain on Jane’s heart. I asked for Jane’s permission before adding some personal interactions below.

Jane is a mother, grandmother and a friend of so many. I have been fortunate enough to have Jane in my life after only two in person moments, the second time being the Jet Drag. I joined Relay for Life because Jane’s passion for the event, it hit close to home, and the greatest love sometimes can be that of strangers.

In the past 3 months Jane’s story of Gretchen has been absolutely gut wrenching. Gretchen is a very young 33 years old with her youngest daughter being 4 on May 25th. Gretchen, like Parker is battling brain cancer and each day is growing weaker.


I ask why? how? and again, why? How could a higher being do this to Gretchen, why Parker? I can only accept things happens for a reason and the God has a plan.


Jane is selfless, asking God to take her and not Gretchen. The love of a mother, and an incredible person. Jane is an unsung hero, Jet Drag was her footprint on life to so many and a cause close to her heart. Jane raised $16,500, big thanks to everyone’s huge support of my Postcards for Parker Challenge that raised $14,500. Jane is giving all of her existence in a fight for her family. I am having a hard time typing this amidst tears forming.  Again and again the terrible illness are inflicted on our loved ones but alas Jane has explored the what if’s.


Jane is the rock, the strong one for so many and she has not given up.  My mother fought a mental battle, I accepted her departure was inevitable.

Gretchen is fighting for her life everyday. I can’t fathom the tearful conversations Jane has had, the bond a mother has can never be replaced. We light a flame not in memory but in Gretchen’s flight. May the flame flicker brightly, light up the darkest rooms and guide us in the unknown. May my mother surround her with strength and courage in such a turbulent time.

My thoughts go to Jane, Gretchen, Matt and her two amazing granddaughters. Let’s keep them in our prayers to keep fighting.


Gretchen, I light the lamp for you each night, be strong. Illuminate the world with your smile, your spirit, you will persevere.

2015-05-15 23.09.46


Everyday the world reminds us of shifting the priorities in our life… What matters? The line in Starbucks too long? That friend didn’t like your post?

Air in our lungs and love is around us, I need nothing else. I hope YOU dance.



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