Effie, Brace yourself, Thank You Mrs. Doubtfire… #TuesdayTakeaway

Today’s Tuesday Takeaway, Mrs. Doubtfire

In 1993, Thanksgiving ushered in a new character named Mrs. Doubtfire who continues to bring laughter some 21 years later.  I’d like to share with you one of my favorite scenes of the movie, the interviews. Do you have a favorite character?

My favorite inquiry is a toss-up between I am Job and don’t make me get the hose.

While traveling over the weekend I debated whether a Mrs. Doubtfire clip from the movie would be better suited for a #FridayFeelGood or a #TuesdayTakeaway.  Welcome Mrs. Doubtfire to the Tuesday Takeaway list.

A pop up video debuted several years ago of Mrs. Doubtfire highlighting many hidden facts about the movie. One being, Robin Williams danced to a different song in the infamous “Dude, Looks Like a Lady” scene. Ad hoc lines from Robin riddle the movie highlighting the incredible talent he had as an actor. A similar act Robin put on each day of his off-screen life until the unfortunate end.

I can relate to Robin Williams in that I have many days where I seek out laughter of others to help calm my brain from the overwhelming chaos of thoughts. These moments of humor allow me a mental break to work towards solutions to challenges before me, delivering clarity and perspective. Maintaining high energy can be exhausting, when I am quiet people most often assume something isn’t right, simply my batteries are charging.

Robin Williams was a talented and brilliant man that I firmly believe was like no other. Often we discount others without understanding them, one might think Robin was crazy, in the end he was human, deflecting reality with humor longing for a connection.

Robin Williams Quote
“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.”


Having lost my mother to suicide in 1993 I can share the feeling of devastation when someone departs this world so quickly.

Some of the most energetic people have tough times but worry more about questions of concern from others or an innate feeling to make others happy. This facade depletes what little energy the person has making the days tougher.

Challenge: When someone makes you laugh today, say Thank You. These two words of appreciation can make all the difference when a person is masking a tough day through humor.

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