If not me, then who, if not now, when? #MondayMotivation #MakeItHappen

I experienced unexpected challenges during my host provider change the last two weeks. The kinks worked out, the site now loads in 1/3rd the time. Now back to the good stuff…

Happy Monday! 

Can you believe that we are in June already? The many times I discounted my father’s wisdom,  time flies quickly as we get older… He was right.

For several months I sought out paths for a “creative” avenue, I pondered art classes to take, things to study but nothing resonated to my core. Thinking back to when I began my journey to define the Human Element on April 23rd, Did you…

Take a break?  – A 2 Minute Journey Along Moon River #mo·ti·va·tion #Monday #spotify

Celebrate life? – Can’t Sleep? Maybe you are NOT living #TuesdayTakeaway

Find a passage, quote or mantra you can relate to? – How One Restless Night Changed My Life #MondayMotivation #theHumanElement

Take a night to disconnect to connect? – The Detox I start tomorrow! I need your help! #TuesdayTakeaway

Thank someone for a laugh? – Effie, Brace yourself, Thank You Mrs. Doubtfire… #TuesdayTakeaway 

Only you can answer yes or no to the above but I hope that you had at least one moment where my random words provoked some reflection.

Douglas on his first day of preschool with his younger brother Sean
Douglas on his first day of preschool with his younger brother Sean

My younger brother Sean and I had an interesting chat the other day. In talking about his potential move to Atlanta, he shared that he changed his perspective on life. Now asking himself, “if not me, then who?”. In breaking that one short phrase apart I felt it spoke to me but one aspect was grossly missing,  time element. “If not me, then who, if not now, when?”

I knew early changing the focus of my online presence would present opportunity for me to share more intimate thoughts, avoid sharing altogether or post what I thought people would want to hear. The big benefit of a blog with a few 100 hits a post is that you accept that very few will read what you write, don’t worry how big the audience is, but know the few that do read feel a connection.

During the week I debate if the energy to type a post is worth the outcome, or on a rare occasion give in to a notion that no one will read this so who cares? I asked myself, if not me, then who, and if not now, when?

Challenge: Reflect on the past two weeks,  a time where you wish you would have taken that jump, big or small? Why in that moment did you say not me, or not now?

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