HURRY! Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Abraham Lincoln? #TuesdayTakeaway

On Saturday, May 16th I was fortunate to tour the FAA tower at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport through the New PDK Airport Association.  The tower has a 360 wrap around deck where you can see the entire airport and downtown. Photos | Exploring the tallest ATC Tower (ATL) in North America #avgeek

Perspective DrawingDo you remember as a kid when you drew a Perspective? At a view of nearly 400 feet above the worlds busiest airport (2014 Passenger Volume),  the wind whispered the word Perspective in my ear. Did that word call out to me because the view before me seemed like it continued on forever? Perhaps

Having travelled 800+ flights, air travel is an intricate experience with hours upon end spend at airports.  An airport is similar to a ride at Disneyland, You rush to wait.

Hear me out on this tangent… a typical day of air travel out of Atlanta –  You rush out of the office to avoid the afternoon traffic while contemplating is MARTA a better option today. You rush up to the platform at the MARTA station, to wait for the next train. You stand by the doors because you are nearing the end of the line at ATL. You rush out the door to beat the long line of people with their luggage awaiting the escalator, inevitably behind one. You rush to the kiosk or pull out your mobile to double-check the TSA Pre-Check stamp. You rush through security screening to not lose belongings or hold up the screening queue. You rush down the escalator to wait for the plane train. You rush up the escalator to the gate to see the plane hasn’t arrived and wait. When the plane arrives, you rush to the restroom when the plane arrives being keen to not miss the boarding zones, to return and wait.  You briskly walk to scan your boarding pass knowing the carry on baggage space saga. You rush into the jetway to wait to board the plane, which in Atlanta is miserable in the summer. You rush to pass down the aisle to put your bag up, to then sit, and wait…Arrive at your destination, unfasten seatbelt upon the chime to then wait to exit the plane.

Knowing first hand the annoyance of the announcements, lines, obnoxious people, screaming children, yet it was all drowned out by the warm calming breeze.  When can you recollect an airport moment you would describe as peaceful?

Gazing down from the tower on the airport below, I felt that I had stepped out of my body and soared like a bird overhead, it gave me a different perspective.

Having you ever been pricked by a thorn of a rose? Abraham Lincoln shared his perspective –

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln


I was stressed last Tuesday and I briefly closed my eyes and recollected the moment atop the ATL ATC tower. The warm breeze that drowned out the loud jet noise and the sunshine that blinded me with warmth. After only a minute, my body was calmer and reset simply by thinking of changing my perspective.

We all could use a little more waiting and a lot less rushing.

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