Need a Puzzle! 1000 Piece Jigsaw, Operation, Jenga, Rubix Cube?

Walking the toy aisle doesn’t resemble my time as a kid, picking out the right puzzle. The electronic gaming ushered a different experience, engaging with others yet more solo.

I have been giving thought to my life over the past month, being quiet in my posts and hopping off social media briefly. What does my life resemble most to me?

1000 Piece Puzzle – Immediately out of the box I am overwhelmed by the number of pieces. ,Similar colors in the photo, unsure where to begin. I can build the frame first or perhaps from the center out. Daunting, question, where to begin?

Operation – Like the scene in the Delta Safety Video, turbulence in life can make this game a tough one. The slightest twitch, the patient dies. This game seemed incredibly stressful, high risk, and often I questioned, why would anyone want to be a surgeon? Perhaps I have things that are out of place that just need to be removed for my life center to return?

Jenga – While the stress of Operation is greater, from the buzzer and light, Jenga is also a nerve racking strategy game. The foundation is strong in the beginning but as the game progresses, I have to take risk determining where to sacrifice strength to continue to build. My life is built on a foundation, will jiggering things differently collapse my foundation or help me climb higher?

Rubix Cube – The ultimate puzzle that consistently made me feel defeated especially when some can solve it within minutes. Though not quite as bad when a former boss gave me a MENSA calendar, talk about deflating my balloon. Can I figure out the Rubix Cube, get the colors aligned?

Walking down the toy aisle, I connect with the Rubix Cube. The design of the cube is set, I need to give greatest thought to how to solve the mismatch. I find this familiar seeking calm to the chaos in life, getting the right colors unified. Solving the cube doesn’t require others, many may have an opinion but it is something only I can do.

In giving thought to my core, I know I have the potential to solve the cube, get my life in order in all aspects but I need to develop a strategy. Not move too much at once, give thought, and continue to adjust. I continue my journey to define the Human Element, solving my Rubix Cube.

Calling it a night, sometimes the greatest hurdles in life can be solved with a good night of sleep.

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