An Apology to the Sun, God Moments, Day In The Life

The long haul flight boredom helped me discover the sitcom Jane the Virgin. For those who have not watched the series, the name may perplex you. The show about a mistake impregnating has light humor and enjoyable moments when Jane’s imagination takes over.

A snippet of a short sponsored by Wells Fargo aired on TV which I curiously went online to see the complete version. Wells Fargo? This is an ad campaign with Wells Fargo sewn throughout but, I was wrong.

For those on my Facebook, I have highlighted my heightened focus on my core, body, mind and heart. This has included dramatic changes in diet, exercise, removal of stressors and meditation.

The short captures A Day In The Life of the actor, Justin Baldoni who plays Rafael Solano. I watched the short, clicked replay, again, texted over to Nick. Four minutes and four seconds encapsulated the level of importance of the commitment to myself, actions over words, disconnect to connect, kind to others and we all can learn a little something from the sun.

Watch the short now available on youtube.

(The Narration)

Time, What is it? Who invented it?

There are Somethings in this world that you will never find the answer to, things you have to be okay with not knowing. But it’s those unknowable things that makes life so rich, so fulfilling, so scary. Life can be scary, and dark. but What is darkness except for the absence of light.

Good, the world is filled with it, love, the world is made with it.

Just look at the sun, the sun rises each day with one purpose, to simply give, give, everything beautiful comes from that word if we choose it. What if the sun chose to be too tired to wake up. What if it said, no it’s too much trouble, I think i’ll go back to sleep.

Sometimes I wonder if the sun could talk to us, what would it say. I think it would say, Love me so I can love thee. If I had the chance to talk back to the sun, I would say this, Dear sun, I am sorry for falling short, for not lighting up the world each and everyday like I know I was meant to. But from what know about the sun, it doesn’t need to know I am sorry it just needs to see it. And if the only thing it needs from me is love, then I have to show it not through my words, but through my actions.

So when you think you are too tired to light up the world, when you think darkness has surrounded you, when you are growing so much it hurts, just stop, breath and remember the sun and it’s selflessness, because my dear sweet Maya. Where there is love nothing is too much trouble, and there is always time.

I began this post this morning as the sun began to rise, the light on the mantle fragmented through the blinds. The timing could only have been a calling to what was already on my mind. I retreated to the balcony to enjoy the warmth of the sun after the many cold days of winter. Jasmine was elated to spend the morning being the beagle sun dial.


The sun, what about the sun? In all of its glory brings us life everyday. The day has baffled me, full of reminders of the sun, glancing through IG seeing photos of friends enjoying a breathtaking sunrise, sunset on a bay and the vibrant sun from 30,000 feet up. The warmth of the sun on our skin, the glimmer of sun through the woods, reflection in a stream and sometimes blinding in the morning. Those moments where I am speechless, I call them God Moments.


Memories are full of light,  so many with light from the sun above. The cloudiest days have a silver lining from the magnificence of the sun. The sun allows the moon to illuminate the darkest of nights. Tomorrow I will enjoy the sunrise over the lake at Concourse while working out. I will give thought to the glory of the sun, it’s magic, its warmth, how it symbolizes new beginnings when it rises and closing of chapters as it sets each and every day. The days are getting longer, allowing all of us an opportunity to build moments in the beauty of the world around us.

DTW Airport - Sun

Where there is love nothing is too much trouble, and there is always time.

Have a wonderful week, Be humble, be grateful, be true to you,


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