365 Gathered Truths

“True, that’s some good food for thought,” a fascinating phrase when I think about food to give me thought. Of course, it has a meaning of something too stimulating you to have a perspective of something or to think through something.

Over the past two months, I have sought out ways to give my soul something to ponder, work through, understand perspective, determine what, if any is a takeaway which I can learn from. A means to drive stimulation in my brain, evoke a feeling in my heart (both positive and negative) and a self-journey to determine the existence of a connection to my soul. This is one of several ways I continue to challenge my level of vulnerability with myself and when before others.

This week I picked up 365 Gathered Truths from one of my favorite stores, Sugarboo & Co-Dealer of Whimsy. A collection of 365 thought-provoking cards from an array of individuals, groups, and spiritual being.


Truth defined as; a fact or belief that is accepted as true… the quality or state of being true.

About the definition, “belief that is accepted as true.” Accepted as truth by who? The individuals surrounding me have similar beliefs, but many different which makes us the variety of people to seek out conversation to expand our mind. Though in the definition, accepting of truth, anyone which I cross paths with could hold a belief so as truth, as outlandish it may be. To the extent of such a substantial feeling to be a conviction.

Impossible for each quote to be true for merely being printed on the hand-cut paper. My intention today, Truth.

  • What if I gathered my personal truths?
  • What if I was so honest with myself that the vulnerability could leave me hurt?
  • What if the words I write on a paper if shared, would change the perception the world has on me?
  • Would I roam the world in fear of more judgment?
  • Would I be too concerned with judgment, to be honest with myself?
  • What if I accepted something as being true, or a state of being true, which I learn to be a fallacy?

Giving thought to the new context in my Bullet Journal, opening my heart to myself. Only to garner more clarity to what my existence is, opportunities afforded to make a difference in life. I continue to walk the earth today on my relentless journey to define The Human Element.

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