Touch vs. Feel

A discussion about the senses earlier this week ran through my mind today. I reflect back on that afternoon; the smell of rain, dark clouds above and the sound of raindrops hitting the street. My friend reached out, quickly grabbing a leaf from each tree we passed. Not saving them, picking out a new one along the path. He described the rationale behind catching a small piece of each tree. What did he feel in each leaf? What made them different from the one prior? Had I felt a lamb’s ear plant?

We see, smell, hear and taste. How often can we say we touched something? I have an extensive cologne collection, appealing to a sense that perhaps, I’ve missed out on entirely experiencing aspects of life.

Touch defined as; come so close to (an object) as to be or come into contact with it.

In seeking clarity, how did feel differ from touch?

Feel defined as: be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched.

About the definitions, feel building upon touch, when we go beyond touching something and honestly feel it.

My intention today, Touch.

  • Can we touch something that is not tangible?
  • Can we not only come into contact but become one with a purpose, emotion, person?
  • Surely we cannot forget how someone made us feel? Can we vividly describe how something felt under our fingertips?
  • In our hands?
  • Next to our cheek?

Touch, in all simplicity, can enable us as we wander this earth to develop a connection to the world around us. Part of defining The Human Element is not to come into contact, instead to become one with a purpose, emotion or person. I continue to walk the earth today on my relentless journey to define The Human Element.

Be humble, be grateful, be true to you,


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